Paid Lecture

Brazil Visa Vitem I Paid Lecture- Chinese Nationality:
VITEM I – Requirements checklist:
Scientists, professors, researchers and other professionals in order to participate in conferences, seminars or congresses characterized as set and defined events for less than 30 days, non-extendable, receiving a “Pro Labore” (RN n.º 101/2013, Art. 1º).

  • A) Applicant’s Passport: original, undamaged; valid for at least another 6 months, with at least two blank visa pages.
  • B) Visa Application Form: printed receipt of the visa application form filled out and successfully submitted online duly signed by the passport holder (or parents/legal guardian of a minor) and with the photo glued on the appropriate boxes.

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  • C) Photograph: one recent, clear, front view, in color, professional 2″x2″ passport photo of the applicant with a plain white or off-white background.


  • D) Itinerary: copy of your round-trip ticket, reservation, or letter from a travel agency under applicant’s name, listing flight number and arrival/departure dates and reservation code provided by the airline/cruise company;

D1) The itinerary may be waived if all the mandatory information for the itinerary is listed on the business letter.

  • E) FEES: Individual money order from the United States Postal Service in the exact amount for each visa requested listing applicant’s name on the section “From”. Example: John will come in person to submit 2 visa applications: 1 for himself (US citizen) and 1 for a Canadian coworker. During his appointment he must have 2 USPS money orders in the amount of US$ 270.00 and US$ 80.00, respectively.
  • F) Proof of financial capability: original or notarized bank statements; and/or notarized letter from the sponsoring institution assuring grant, or scholarship or allowance; and/or paychecks. Applicant must have at least R$ 2.000,00 (two thousand reais) per month to be spent in Brazil. Please verify current currency exchange rates.
    • Family members such as parents may assume financial responsibility for the applicant. In this case, please add a notarized affidavit stating it. In this case, please add documents proving the financial capability of the paren

If the visa application will not be submitted in person:

  • G) Proof of jurisdiction: notarized copy of driver’s license, utility bill, lease, bank statements or school transcript.

If the not applying with a US passport:

  • H) Proof of Legal Residency: notarized copy of visa, permanent resident card or US passport or US birth certificate.
  • I) Birth certificate: original, certified copy or notarized copy of birth certificate.
    • J1) If the birth certificate does not list parents’ names or if it is not legible, another official document listing their names must be presented.
    • J2) Please make sure that the visa application form lists parents’ names as it is written on applicant’s birth certificate or official document alike regardless of name changes they have had since.
    • J3) If the applicant was not born in the United States, please note that:
      • A) Documents not issued within the United States must have their originals either legalized by a Brazilian consular office responsible for the jurisdiction of the country the document was issued or certified by the embassy or consulate of that country in the United States.
      • B) Documents not issued in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French will require either:
      • – A sworn translation made by a competent translator in the United States with its signature acknowledged by a US notary public; or
      • – A translation done by or certified by the Consulate or Embassy of issuing country in the United States; or
      • – A sworn translation made by a competent translator outside of the United States to one of the four accepted languages above and duly legalized by the Brazilian consular office responsible for the jurisdiction of where the document was issued.

For applicants planning to give a paid lecture or seminar (Case 1A):

  1. J) Letter from Brazilian sponsoring organization providing information on the content of the seminar, qualifications of the applicant, duration of the seminar/classes and pecuniary conditions.

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