Cape Coast Castle - Ghana
Ghana requires that citizens of most countries obtain a visa to enter.  The Ghanaian Consulate General will determine the duration of stay upon receiving an application.  The types and categories differ according to the purpose of visit, length of stay and respective arrangement with the country of the foreign national.
A1 – Diplomatic Visa
For Diplomatic passport Holders only (Gratis)
A2 – Official Visa
For Official Passport Holders only (Gratis)
B1 – Business Visa
For Business
B2-   Tourism visa
For tourism, holidays and normal visits
C – Transit Visa
For transit
F1   Education Visa
For students/study visits
H1 – Voluntary Work
For work on voluntary basis.
G1 – International Organizations
For staff of recognized International Organizations
I2  – Press accreditation
For media personnel undertaking an approved project

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